Benjamin Mosher

Ben is an artist based in Nova Scotia who’s practice and way of making is both intuitive and meditative. Ben is informed by interests in historic and new ways of communicating, holding a deep appreciation for the everyday written and visual forms of poetic language. These interests direct and inspire recent collaborative work and micro-communication…

Sakina Alibhai

Sakina is studying Marketing Management with a Minor in Psychology at the University of Guelph.

Kathe Gray

Kathe Gray (PhD student, York University Theatre and Performance Studies):  My doctoral research explores the second line parading tradition of New Orleans as an aesthetic and ethical model for both the creation of participatory artforms and the conduct of community life. In particular, I consider the second line as what socio-legal scholar Davina Cooper terms…

Corinne Nadeau

Corinne Nadeau completed her an undergraduate degree in French and Music, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in French in the School of Languages and Literatures at the University of Guelph. Originally from a small, bilingual Franco-Ontarion town, on the Quebec border, Corinne has spent five years intensifying her understanding of music and her native…

Shayna Devlin

Coming Soon

Jeannette Hicks

Jeannette Hicks is a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Guelph and a practising visual artist. Driven by the feedback loop between theory and practice, her philosophical research examines the importance of improvisation in the creation of new artistic norms, while her artistic practice aims to open new possibilities for interaction between people,…