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As part of our commitment to making our work and outputs accessible, and to generate further dialogue on the issues we explore, IICSI has created an online Research Library. Here you will find a range of pieces including films, articles, think pieces, and interviews. Please use the search function or browse, and check back again as this library will be updated regularly.

Research outcomes related to the Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice project (2007-2013) are available in the ICASP Research Collection.

A photo collage with Paul Watkins and David Lee

“Sounds that Emerge from You”

“Sounds that Emerge from You” is an interview with musician and writer David Lee, conducted by IICSI Research Paul Watkins about what led Lee to improvised music.

PWYA at GJF2017

Are dissonances and group agreement compatible?

How do we engage with these dissonances or alterities in our expectations?
How do we, as facilitators and pedagogues, resist a more utilitarian urge to maximize what might appear to be group agreement in the space, at the cost of the outliers? Might we, as guides through these spaces, have an obligation to address these outliers in these moments of tension?
And, what does this teach us about our facilitative practice and how we approach difference?

Brent graduate students 2019 IICSI cohort

Community Building through Formal and Non-Formal Music Learning: An Interview With My Father

By Brent Rowan This podcast, “Community Building through Formal and Non-Formal Music Learning: An Interview with my Father,” was completed as part of Brent Rowan’s Major Research Project for the Critical Studies in Improvisation program at the University of Guelph. Abstract One part of my autoethnographic study to better understand my own musical development and…


Deep Listening at the End of the World

Deep listening is a musical practice developed by musician and composer Pauline Oliveros for generating increased attention to sound.

Jeannette Hicks, PhD candidate and Research Assistant for the IICSI reflects on the experience of improvising and deep listening, which reveals the potential for bridging cultural and perceived difference, at Musical Improvisation at Land’s End camp.

Presented by IICSI, MILE camp seeks to develop innovative strategies to put aspiring musicians in direct and meaningful contact with professional improvisers.

camp screenshot

Play Who You Are 2015: Call and Response (Part Two)

Call and Response is part two, of a two part series about the 2015 Play Who You Are camp, hosted by Rainbow Programs for Children at the University of Guelph, and facilitated by pianist/improviser/student music therapist Laura Stinson.

Kids Ability at GJF 2015

Play Who You Are 2015: Play What You Feel (Part One)

The 2015 Play Who You Are camp was hosted by Rainbow Programs for Children at the University of Guelph, and facilitated by pianist/improviser/student music therapist Laura Stinson.

Marble Run Rung

Play Who You Are: Learning from a Decade of Community Improvisation (2017)

Celebrating 10 years of the Play Who You Are project.

Reflection – Freddie Stone: Musical Phenomenologist

This reflection was written by Bob Wiseman, and appeared in the April 2022 edition of the ImprovNotes newsletter. It was in Toronto in the 1980s. I was searching for meaning and understanding in my pianistic improvisations. There was no Youtube, no internet. Today, I can watch footage of Freddie Stone in the late 60s on…

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Sorry about the Sound Quality

Sorry about the Sound Quality: Improvisation, Living in the Moment and the Beauty of Mistakes is a collection of interviews by Caroline Gillis with friends and colleagues in theatre about improvisation, how they used it in their work and how it may have impacted their lives. Actors have to be improvisers on a daily basis, juggling many different types of work (creative and sometimes not) to keep body and creative soul alive. You will see how improvisation has positively affected the lives of these artists.

Play Who You Are

Sounding Futures: Play Who You Are

A short documentary the 2014 Play Who You Are Playsense and KidsAbility summer camp with Jesse Stewart,

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