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The Creative City Centre was incorporated in 2008 by our founder, Marian Donnelly. She had leased an empty space in Regina’s downtown and had a vision to convert it into a community-based arts centre. It took months to get the financing in place and the original design plans approved. In 2009, mechanical, electrical and plumbing was installed. In 2010, Marian and a small team of volunteers spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours removing old wallpaper, refinishing floors, installing sinks and toilets, tearing down walls and building new ones. By early 2011, tenants started to move in. On May 8, 2011, the Creative City Centre was officially opened with a media event and performance. 


Since then, we have presented between 150-200 events every year, including music concerts, visual art exhibitions, spoken word and poetry slams, comedy nights, life drawing sessions, film screenings and just about any kind of workshop or community event you could imagine. 


The funding support we received over the years was always appreciated, but never quite enough. We’ve managed to get by with part-time programming staff, but always relied on the volunteer time, passion and energy of our founder. Marian has been the bookkeeper, grant writer, HR manager, janitor, bartender, sound technician and tenant manager among many other roles.