Reflections features the voices and perspectives of IICSI students, researchers, partners, and staff. These posts profile people’s engagement with and reflections upon a range of IICSI events, programs, and partnerships.

Are dissonances and group agreement compatible?

Trying out different strategies as a guide through those spaces is important. But it’s also important to be able quickly to change the plan to match what the group dynamic, especially the outliers, may need to feel comfortable to explore.

Crepuscule: Fostering Community and Celebrating the Individual

A Reflection by Ellen Ringler – Crepuscule was truly extraordinary. Douglas R. Ewart’s creative vision and dedication to the people around him is inspired. The creative process of Crepuscule enhanced and allowed for freedom of expression of the individual and the creation itself fostered a sense of community. Music and creativity offer ways to appreciate the difference of the individual and work as equalizers for community building. Crepuscule opened space to encourage individual expression and foster a community spirit.

Building Sound: Making Instruments with Douglas R. Ewart, May 1, 2016

With care and ease this artist explains the value of re-claiming materials that have been discarded in order to create beauty in musical instruments.
Creating a musical shaker was meditative experience for me. This was something I appreciated in crafting my instrument, and I felt that my silence and the quiet of the others supported a focused environment where I was free to unwind as I created my piece. This quiet energy encouraged a mindful approach to instrument making where calm and peace were observed. Douglas explains and intervenes only make sure the practice is safe and accessible.

Thinking Spaces with Douglas Ewart

–Reflection by Ellen Ringler– On October 23, 2015 I attended an IICSI hosted afternoon with Improviser in Residence, Douglas Ewart. “Thinking Spaces: The Improvised Reading Group and Speaker Series” organized…

Rainbow Band: Play Who You Are

–Reflection by Ellen Ringler– In late summer 2015, I had the pleasure of joining IICSI’s “Say Who You Are, Play Who You Are” improvisational music workshops run in collaboration with…