covid-19-interventions-and-resources-list COVID-19 Interventions and Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique challenge to members of the international music community. How can we continue to create art that depends upon human connection, without sharing physical space? How can music facilitate community while we remain apart? How can musical collaboration and innovation quell the anxieties caused by a global virus?

In an effort to support our community, IICSI has been compiling a list of musical community interventions and resources that have been made available for improvisers, musicians, and artists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While numerous professional associations have created their own COVID-19 resource guides, IICSI’s list focuses on instances of individuals or groups improvising community, with attention to Canadian interventions and links to Canadian organizations offering financial relief, video performance opportunities, and mental health supports for musicians and improvising artists.

Our Resource and Intervention List will be a living Google document during the pandemic and will be updated frequently.

This list was last updated April 20/2020.