Thinking Spaces 2022-23: Eric Lewis

This Thinking Spaces session, “Improvising the Archive: Medea Electronique’s Archive of Digital Art,” with guest Eric Lewis, took place on November 16, 2022.

MORE ABOUT THIS TALK: Eric will discuss assorted ways the digital domain opens up archives for more improvisatory ways of interacting with their contents, and will describe the Medea Electronique archive, and the thinking behind the recent project by co-authored by Eric called From Fruit to Root, concerning this archive, and theories concerning interactive archive and improvisational archive theory.

MORE ABOUT THIS SPEAKER: Eric Lewis is a professor of Philosophy at McGill University, who specializes in the philosophy of improvisatory arts. He is also the President of AIM (Arts in the Margins), the Director of LUC (Laboratory of Urban Culture), and sits on the management committee of IICSI. He is a member of Medea Electronique, and an active improvisor on brass and electronics.