Thinking Spaces 2022-23: Hilary Bradbury

This Thinking Spaces session, “Action Research Transformation: Liberating the Spirit of Yes/And at a Time of Eco-Social Crisis” with guest Hilary Bradbury, took place on November 2, 2022.

MORE ABOUT THIS TALK: In this talk, Hilary Bradbury will highlight where Action Research for Transformations (ART) is directed: towards a relational response to climate change and achieving global sustainability goals together. Using examples and allowing time for reflection and dialogue, her talk will pay particular attention to how interweaving our own developmental edges regards personal maturity can help meet the demands of social justice. Hilary’s recent book (Bradbury 2022, Elgar Publication) offers further background and examples of the impact ART offers.

MORE ABOUT THIS SPEAKER: Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., is founder & curator at AR+ | Action Research Plus Foundation. She plays a global community organizing role among action researching ARTists reflected in her position as Editor in Chief of the premier, international peer reviewed Action Research Journal. As a Professor for over twenty years (Case Western, USC and OHSU), Hilary’s expertise brings a transformative action research (“learn by doing”) approach to change. As curator at AR+ Foundation, she supports educator-change leaders and universities become more responsive to our eco-social crisis. Learn more at