Thinking Spaces 2022-23: Phil Mullen

This Thinking Spaces session, “Improvisation, devising, songwriting and creativity in inclusive musical education” with guest Phil Mullen, took place on October 25, 2022.

MORE ABOUT THIS TALK: In this session Phil Mullen will look at what inclusion/ exclusion in music education means, who gets excluded, the importance of different forms of improvisation and creativity for students experiencing barriers to education and how creativity can be an empowering force in young peoples’ lives.

MORE ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Phil Mullen has worked for thirty-seven years developing music with people who are socially excluded. He specializes in working with excluded children and young people at risk. He has run workshops, seminars and training in 27 countries across Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. Since 2018 Phil has worked with 45 of England’s 122 music hubs, helping them develop strategic approaches to musical inclusion. Phil has a PHD from Winchester University and has written a number of book chapters on musical inclusion including for the Oxford Handbook of Community Music (2018). Phil’s book “Challenging Voices: Music making with young people excluded from school” is published by Peter Lang.