bassdrumbone 2017 Guelph Jazz Fest – Program + Podcasts

The 2017 Guelph Jazz Festival, September 13-17, line-up has been released. The festival features Peter Brötzmann (solo woodwinds plus a live interview by Mack Furlong); Araz Salek (tar) & Pedram Khavar (dombak); John Butcher, Thomas Lehn & Matthew Shipp (performance, plus a live interview by Stuart Broomer); Cluttertones with Lee Pui Ming; Bernice; Jane and the Magic Bananas (Michel F. Côté, Alexandre St-Onge & Sam Shalabi); Peggy Lee’s Film in Music; Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble directed by Brent Rowan with Christine Duncan; Friendly Rich; Ray Anderson’s Pocket Brass Band; Matthew Shipp (solo piano); Way Out Northwest (John Butcher, Torsten Müller & Dylan van der Schyff); René Lussier’s MEUH; MendHam; BassDrumBone (Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway); Kidsability Youth Ensemble with alumni guest musicians; Animatist; Rebecca Hennessy’s Fog; Sandcatchers; Eucalyptus; Bank Street Bonbons; Pierre Kwenders; Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra; Mark Helias (solo bass); Tom & Gerry, and Barnyard Drama (Christine Duncan, Jean Martin).
barnyard-dramaArtistic Director Scott Thomson has produced the first and second in a series of ten podcasts in which he discusses and plays the music of the superb artists and groups that are part of this year’s program. The first podcast features the groups sharing the Saturday, September 16th double-bill at Cooperators Hall, River Run Centre: BassDrumBone and MendHam. The second features the artists on the September 15th double-bill program, John Butcher / Thomas Lehn / Matthew Shipp and Peggy Lee’s Octet, Film in Music. New podcasts will be made public weekly for the ten weeks leading up to the festival.

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