Apply Now: MA / PhD in Critical Studies in Improvisation

Come research—and practice—arts-based community-making with us in the Fall of 2023!

IICSI offers interdisciplinary MA and PhD programs in the field of Critical Studies in Improvisation at the University of Guelph. These programs are for students interested in improvisation, arts-based practices for community change, interdisciplinary approaches, and community engagement. The programs feature three core courses (Core Concepts in Critical Studies in Improvisation, Research Practices, and Arts-Based Community-Making), research and teaching assistantship packages, internships with community organizations, and opportunities for students to learn, grow, and develop their practice in their field in a rigorous, energetic, and creative environment. PhD students will also complete a pedagogy lab course and a qualifying exam. Both MA and PhD students will have the opportunity to develop independent projects.
This is a program for the curious-minded artist who wants to make a difference in their local community. It’s a program for a provocative scholar who wants to conduct ground-breaking research that reaches across and beyond conventional disciplines, inviting in new and surprising ideas. It’s an opportunity for those who wish to collaboratively study, investigate, and apply improvisation in order to improve life.
Improvisation Studies students have applied their studies by developing improvisational music programs for young children, providing support for vulnerable community members entering legal settings, improving the sustainability of arts festivals, producing programs and technologies to make participation in artistic co-creation more accessible, and bringing principles of improvisation into fields such as architecture, sociology, graphic design, and artificial intelligence. You can learn more about our amazing students here.

Visit our info pages to learn more. Apply by January 15, 2023!

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