IPLAI + IICSI poster “If You Have To Ask” – IPLAI + IICSI McGill Colloquium May 27-29

Are you in Montreal May 27-29?   “If You Have To Ask” starts this Friday! It’s more than lectures; there are workshops, demonstrations and hands-on events!

“If You Have To Ask” aims to bring together neuroscientists, psychologists, music cognition specialists, anthropologists, social scientists, scholars of creativity, improvising artists across art-forms, and scholars of improvisation, all directed towards understanding how minds-in-bodies-in-cultures interact to produce improvisatory gestures and acts often rich with social, communicative, political, aesthetic, interpersonal and cognitive meaning and value.

Free, open to the public and no pre-registration required.

May 27- 29 @La Sala Rossa, 4848 St.Laurent, Montréal, Qc

For more details and a list of the events visit our “If You Have To Ask” the IPLAI + IICSI McGill Colloquium page.


McGill Colloquium 2016


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