gjfc-2017-poster-website Highlights of the 2017 Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium!

Partnering for Change: Learning Outwards from Jazz & Improvisation

September 13-15, George Luscombe Theatre, University of Guelph

The 2017 Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium features, panel discussions, performances, multimedia presentations, interviews, and workshops to foster a spirit of collaboration, boundary-defining inquiry and dialogue. This year, the Colloquium will explore partnerships as models for social mobilization, and is dedicated to musicians and improvisers who have engaged in community collaborations and social movements.

Highlights this week include, but are not limited to:

SEPT. 13 | 1PM
WORKSHOP: Simultaneous Multi-Dimensionality
Heritage Hall Research Group: Marshall Trammell (Black Spirituals) and Kade Twist (Postcommodity)
INTERVIEW: Peter Brötzmann interviewed by Mack Furlong (Sound Symposium)*
* The interview is free and takes place following the 8pm ticketed concert. For more info, please visit www.guelphjazzfestival.com.

CONCERT: Araz Salek (tar) & Pedram Khavazamini (dombak)
co-presented with the College of Arts Thursday At Noon (TAN) Concert.
INTERVIEW: John Butcher, Thomas Lehn and Matthew Shipp, interviewed by Stuart Broomer

SEPT 15 | 9:15AM
ROUNDTABLE: Play Who You Are: Learning from a Decade of Community Improvisation, Artist- Facilitator Discussion
Rich Burrows, Rich Marsella, Susanna Hood, Lynette Segal & Joe Sorbara
NOON | Branion Plaza
CONCERT: Bernice
Co-presented with the Central Student Association.
3:30PM | Outdoor Dome, MacKinnon Green
Launch, performance, and open exploration of sound art installation: Marble Run Rung, by Jesse Stewart.

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