IICSI profiled in the Globe & Mail

Our Institute is making headlines!
Thanks to Guy Dixon at The Globe and Mail for a fantastic article published this past week on the role of improvisation in society, highlighting IICSI’s work. The piece, which discusses how “improvisational music offers a blueprint in creative collaboration far beyond the artistic realm,” is an excellent introduction to the ways in which improvisation manifests itself, whether on stages, in studios, or throughout society at large. The article explains how there is a “growing movement in academia looking at artistic improvisation as a guide for all of life’s improvisations, even larger societal progress”—a movement that IICSI has been proud to steward.
Our Director Ajay Heble is quoted throughout the article, alongside IICSI team member George Lipsitz and Toronto-based musicians Brodie West, Lina Allemano, and Karen Ng (who is also the Assistant Artistic and General Director of the Guelph Jazz Festival). Summing up what is so special about our Institute, Heble explains: “What sets us apart is that we’re looking at musical and other forms of artistic improvisation as models of social practice . . . thinking through what we can learn from the arts and from music in particular.”
Globe and Mail subscribers can read the article in full here.

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