A digital drawing of 3 trees with roots that ressemble computer cables stand, in dark green, in front of a lighter green background. New Book: “From Fruit to Root”

IICSI is proud to announce the publication of a new book from our partners at Onassis Foundation! From Fruit to Root, Medea Electronique’s Interactive Archive of New Media Art is available as a free download on the Onassis website.

This eBook focuses on the theory and practice behind the creation of the Medea Electronique digital archive. It combines academic writing, first person narrative, poetry, and experimental writing, along with images and video, in an attempt to capture the history of Medea’s creative practice, which moves between highly improvisatory and more traditional “composed” forms of digital-art creation.

As Medea’s works are always highly collaborative, this eBook has two Medea members as its primary authors, and a third as its artistic director and graphic designer. “From Fruit to Root” also points towards models of more interactive archives which draw upon the potentials of the digital domain in order to free the archive from its traditional modes of curation, administration and access.

Read the full book now: https://www.onassis.org/culture/publications/medea-electronique-from-fruit-to-root




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