A painting of a grey circle featuring text reading: Vertical Squirrels + Gary Diggins + Dong-Won Kim" New Vertical Squirrels Album: Le gouffre / The Chasm

Improvisational free jazz/post rock quartet Vertical Squirrels (comprised of IICSI’s director Ajay Heble, IICSI researcher / professor Daniel Fischlin, and all-star musical improvisors Ted Warren and Lewis Melville) have released a new record through Ambiances Magnétiques entitled Le gouffre / The Chasm.

The album was recorded during a 2019/20 residency at Silence as part of the You Are ∴ I Am series, the intent being to invite a diverse array of artists into a live improvised community context. This recording documents what happened on October 23, 2019 and features special guests Gary Diggins and Dong-Won Kim.

Vital Weekly: “The music [the Vertical Squirrels] produce is always memorable…The playing is always tight, and nothing is ever wasted.”

The album is available for purchase / download through the ActuelleCD website, and can be streamed and bought via Bandcamp.

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