Thinking Spaces, the Guelph ICASP Reading Group returns Sept 27.

We’ll kick-off this year’s events with a visit from vocal improviser, composer, & sound poet, Tomomi Adachi (see below for more information). This opening event will happen at an irregular time & place: 10 Carden (, 8-10pm. We will follow this kick-off event with our first regular meeting, Friday Oct 11, 3-5. At that meeting we’ll discuss our ideas for themes and guests for the year and how best to accommodate everyone’s schedules and research interests. If you can’t be there because Friday 3-5 doesn’t work for you, please send us a message ([email protected] or [email protected]) in advance of the meeting with suggestions for other days and times that might work better.

Self-Made Instruments and Telepathy in Improvisation: A Public Talk and Discussion with Tomomi Adachi.

Tomomi Adachi will discuss his own work as an improviser with a focus on his own approach to self-made instruments and on his newest project PUTIF (People’s United Telepathic Improvisation Front), a collaboration with Jennifer Walshe. In PUTIF, Walshe and Adachi improvise together at a specified time in two separate locations, listening to one another at distances beyond the reach of the human ear. These improvisations are recorded and later combined and compared. They also encourage others to listen telepathically to their improvisation and send in descriptions of what they hear. Tomomi will discuss how telepathy is working as a conceptual framework for musical improvisation. The project compels us to consider how others can be present in their absence, how improvisations can be a tool for being together despite physical distance, and questions the advantages of telematic technology in an age where it is becoming increasingly common.

If you’d like to prepare for the discussion, you can view one telepathic listener’s response here.

and/or, you can learn more about Tomomi’s self-made instruments here.

and/or, you can browse his ample documentation of his diverse projects here.

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