Thinking Spaces: March & April 2021

Thinking Spaces, IICSI’s improvisational reading group and speaker series, is proud to be presenting some excellent speakers over the coming weeks: Dhruv Jani of Studio Oleomingus, Roger Dean, and Harald Kisiedu.

Friday, March 26, 3-4:30PMDhruv Jani – Studio Oleomingus: The Concentric Fictions of a Generous History: Hypertext and other annotations to memory

Dhruv Jani is the founder the game & arts studio Oleomingus; where they practice at the intersection of postcolonial writing, speculative architecture, and interactive fiction, and use games to study colonial power structures and the histories that they occlude and how hypertext might be used to pollute a single reductive record of the past or of a people.
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Friday, April 9, 5PMRoger Dean: AI and Improvisation: Virtual Improvisers, Virtual Pianos

Roger Dean is a composer/improviser and a research professor in music cognition and computation at Western Sydney University’s MARCS Institute. His research folds into his creative work, currently particularly by means of deep learning computational models for music generation.
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Friday, April 23, 3PMHarald Kisiedu: Living Ball of Fire: Peter Brötzmann, Black Experimentalism, and Politics in 1960s West Germany

Harald Kisiedu is a historical musicologist who received his doctorate from Columbia University. His research interests include jazz as a global phenomenon, music of the African diaspora, and Afrodiasporic composers, music, and politics.
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