Welcoming our new Project Manager: Dr. Sheetal Lodhia

We are thrilled to introduce IICSI’s new Project Manager, Dr. Sheetal Lodhia!

Sheetal Lodhia has worked in the public and private sectors at the intersections of strategic management, production (radio, print, video), research (qualitative, ethnographic, table), and community engagement. She is a voracious consumer of pop culture, and, as an Allophone, comfortable working in multilingual environments, including English and French. A doctoral graduate in English Literature and Cultural Studies from Queen’s University, she has researched, published and taught in cultural studies, literature, colonialism, critical race theory and history of medicine. She has produced radio documentaries, podcasts, and a video documentary short. As a matter of course she stays curious, writes, watches TV, games, crafts, teaches and harbours fantasies of becoming a pro-tennis player.

Sheetal can be reached at [email protected].

Giant thanks to our outgoing Project Manager, Rachel Collins, for her tremendous contributions and for all her support over the last 10+ years.

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