Development of User-Friendly Hi-Fi Software for Telematic Rehearsal and Performance

Jason Caslor, who was then based at Memorial University, Newfoundland, led this project, which aimed to develop a reliable, affordable, and user-friendly technology for transmitting high-quality audio over the internet and to address gaps in the literature on telematic (remote; online) music education by developing a new kind of music pedagogy that is suited to the telematic medium. The project involved workshops, ensemble rehearsals, and improvisational performances that employed this new technology, connecting students and conductors in small-to-medium sized music programs across Canada and internationally.

Working with MUN computer studies professor Yuanzhu Chen, Caslor developed Connect! – a high-fidelity iPad and iPhone application for telematic transfer of audio/video over the internet. Designed to be as user friendly as Skype but with much higher audio quality, the application is designed to facilitate telematic pedagogy with large ensembles, including improvisation. Caslor’s work was featured in the 2014 Memorial University Research Report and is available online with audio and video examples.

The project has also trained four graduate students, who were involved in coding for the application.

Site: Memorial University, Newfoundland

Researchers: Jason Caslor, Yuanzhu Chen