University of Regina iPad Orchestra

The University of Regina iPad Orchestra project aims to explore the potential for engaging with the Apple iPad as a teaching and learning device in the area of music composition and performance. Following on from “Improvisation Methodologies in Creative Technologies,” this ongoing research examines the usefulness and potential for improvisation in mobile device orchestras, focussing on the Apple iPad and applications, and on pedagogical strategies for teaching free improvisation with new technologies. Outputs include concerts and performances.

Whilst there have been a range of orchestras utilizing new mobile technologies as performance tools including the renowned laptop orchestra at the University of Regina (Regina Electroacoustic Performance Orchestra, 2008-2009), there have been few explorations with the new opportunities offered by the iPad/large screen touchscreen tablet, and there have not been any extensive studies on the teaching applications of using the iPad touchscreen tablet in the university classroom. This ongoing research engaged students in the classroom in active improvisation and learning with the iPad.

The iPad Orchestra is formed for one semester every year to continue this research.

Research Outputs:

  • “Improvising with Data,” Site-specific performance as part of the Colder Than Mars conference, University of Regina, March 2016.
  • “University of Regina iPad Orchestra Concert.” University of Regina, April 2016
  • Regina Public Library – 11-16-year-old participants X 2 workshops with artists Ryan Hill and Ernie Dulanowksy and researchers Rebecca Caines and Helen Pridmore, October and November 2014.
  • A concert exploring the connections between iPad improvisation and contemporary opera, April 2017.
  • Concert involving live painters from the Liquid Art research project, Caines, Gerhard, Pridmore, and students performing with new technologies including drones, iPads, pico projectors, sensors, installations and newly built interfaces and software, April 2016.
  • Performances – Regina Public Library – Three school groups with artists Ryan Hill and Ernie Dulanowksy, October 2014
  • ShuBox Theatre, University of Regina – Public concert with students and researchers Rebecca Caines, David Gerhard, and Helen Pridmore, December 2014