Make Shifts

Make Shifts is a multi-faceted, collaborative creative research project that examines improvisation in the everyday lives of newcomer seniors in the city of Guelph. Led by Lisa Hirmer of DodoLab in collaboration with IICSI and Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington, the project focuses on the experiences and stories of seniors as they navigate life in a new place and the strategies and tools they draw upon to negotiate unexpected situations. There will be two phases to the project: the first will be a series of conversation-based events with seniors at Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington that will draw them into the project and begin a process of storytelling/sharing; the second phase will involve the production of new work in collaboration with the participant seniors that will serve to highlight and share the collected stories and experiences with a wider audience who can be drawn into the conversation.

Site: Guelph

Researchers: Lisa Hirmer, Elizabeth Jackson