Sound, Meaning, Education 2023: CONVERSATIONS & improvisations

This three-day conference will convene international and multi-generational scholars, musicians/artists, teachers and students from typically under-represented groups to mobilize research addressing curricular innovation in music and arts education across a variety of diverse cultural contexts, and to advance the development of cross-disciplinary research networks and initiatives. Specifically, the conference (35 presenters, performers and workshop facilitators) will share innovative curricular ideas and facilitate conversations and improvisations centered around the phenomena of sound and sensuous ways of knowing and being in the world — encounters and expressions often hidden by dominant ontologies and epistemologies of western/white colonization, neoliberal agendas, and capitalistic tendencies towards quantifiable, standardized and data-driven teaching and learning.

Music and Antifascism Conference: Reflections on the Past and Possibilities in the Present

How have artists resisted the global surge of far-right movements and authoritarian regimes through music and music-making? How has music been mobilized against fascism and fascist tendencies in societies in…

Conference—Sound, Meaning, Education: Conversations

Northern Arizona University and Western University are pleased to announce the virtual conference Sound, Meaning, Education: Conversations to be held on July 21, 2021. This interdisciplinary conference explores how embodied knowledges of…

McGill Colloquium 2021—Echoes of a Distance: Music, Protest and Community in Confined Times

How can sound and music participate in protest without access to the streets and spaces of collective music creation? How does a collective sound when there is no actual gathering…

Improvisation and Mobility: Interdisciplinary Conference and Festival

The Improvisation and Mobility Conference and Festival at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, explores themes of improvisation and mobility, and includes lectures, performances, hybrid performative talks, workshops, installations, the launch of interactive apps, and much more.

CFP: Improvisation and Mobility Interdisciplinary Conference and Festival

IICSI invites interdisciplinary contributions to the 2017 IICSI conference and festival at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, on the theme of “Improvisation and Mobility”.

CFP: Rhythm Changes in Amsterdam

“Re/Sounding Jazz” Aug 31-Sep 3, 2017 The Fifth International Rhythm Changes Conference ‒ “Re/Sounding Jazz” ‒ will take place at the Conservatory of Amsterdam from August 31 to September 3,…