Lisa Conway

Musical and Technical Production Coordinator

Lisa Conway is a BC-born Swiss-Canadian composer, sound artist, songwriter, producer, and mix engineer. An artist who continually tries to push herself into the unfamiliar, her multifaceted CV includes original scores and songs for documentaries, short films, and theatre productions, site-specific multi-channel sound and light installations, collaborations with contemporary dancers and performance artists, an array of renowned creative residencies, and a prolific output of self-produced, recorded, and independently released albums under various monikers. Lisa holds a BFA Honours in Music from York University, and an MA in Sonic Arts from Queen’s University Belfast, where she graduated with distinction. She has taught recording and songwriting courses at community arts organizations, and has given workshops or spoken as a guest artist at the University of Toronto, the Daniels School of Architecture, the Canadian Music Centre, and the Hochschule Osnabrück – Institut für Musik. Lisa’s longer bio, portfolio, and CV can be viewed here.