Thinking Spaces: Kim Solga, “Women Making Shakespeare Now: Decolonizing the Creation Room”

University of Guelph, MacKinnon Building 87 Trent Ln, Guelph

In the wake of BLM, MeToo, the COVID-19 pandemic, and changing audience and creator dynamics, the Shakespeare Industry (arts organizations and academic institutions alike) has finally realized that Shakespeare wasn’t just a basic white guy; “Shakespeare” can be – indeed, *is* – Black, trans, Indigenous, gender queer, disabled. While historians like Sawyer Kemp, Andy Kesson, Ayanna Thompson, and more work to uncover the previously invisible histories of Shakespeare’s own queer and coloured worlds, artists like Emma Frankland, Dawn Jani Birley, Reneltta Arluk, Nataki Garrett, and more are devising creation room practices that not only permit, but *rely upon*, the whole selves of equity-deserving artists previously excluded from Shakespearean spaces to shape the worlds of rehearsal and the plays in performance.


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