Past Students


Sara Pun

Sara Pun is a PhD student at MUN. Sara is a music therapist and gamelan player who is interested in intercultural dialogue. In 2015, she published two intercultural resource books for music therapists:   Song Resources for Music Therapists, Barcelona Publishers Editors Dr. Colin Lee and Sara Pun 2015   Composition and Improvisation Resources for Music Therapists, Barcelona…

Daniel Hawkins

Daniel Hawkins is a MA student at MUN. Daniel is a fine cellist and improviser whose thesis explores the politics of using notation in traditional music. He is also an active session player.  In November 2015 he presented his research at the national conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology at the University of Texas, Austin. …

Stephanie Khoury

Stephanie Khoury completed her PhD at McGill University through IICSI.

Ian Hattwick

Ian Hattwick completed his PhD at McGill University through IICSI.

Melvin Backstrom

Melvin Backstrom completed his PhD at McGill University through IICSI.

Janey Dodd

Janey Dodd was a graduate student hired to work for IICSI UBC in 2017-2018.