Voices Found: Free Jazz & Singing

Histories of Vocal Improvisation Interview Collection & Companion Site to Voices Found: Free Jazz & Singing

Coming soon! A collection of materials composed of interviews with improvising vocalists collected during and after Dr. Chris Tonelli’s time as a postdoctoral researcher with the Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice project and the IICSI. This research led to the soon to be published book, Voices Found: Free Jazz & Singing, by Dr. Tonelli.  This collection will stand as a supplement to that volume and also contains a playlist of musical examples related to the volume.  

Voices Found: Free Jazz and Singing begins by asking readers to put aside the book and have an encounter with the sounds and sights of improvised free jazz soundsinging. A core goal of the book is to begin to understand the work these sounds/sights have done in the world, and the thoughts and feelings they afford for every listener, even mediated by digital video online, are part of that work. This playlist exists to provide a space for this encounter for listeners who don’t have access to live performances of free jazz soundsinging, a space where they can be surprised by and take note of the thoughts and feelings that come to mind so they can later compare them with the reactions they will read about. Contemplating similarities and differences between reactions can potentially tell us important things about what we expect from the voice and what symbolic functions various vocal sounds serve. Understanding the voice’s role in maintaining and disrupting symbolic systems that empower and disempower, that humanize and dehumanize, is the work of Voices Found. By listening to this playlist, which will be maintained and periodically updated by Dr. Tonelli, you are contributing to that work.   It is recommend you open the playlist on Youtube and engage the shuffle function. 

Listen to the Voices Found playlist.

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