Select Bibliography of Research Products and Creative Outputs, September 2017 to September 2022

IICSI’s research outcomes during our SSHRC PG (2012–2022) – including innovations in adaptive technologies, web platforms and apps for musical improvisation, critical theory, manuals and toolkits for practitioners in social services, rehabilitation therapy, music instruction and community arts – have been broadly shared via our peer-reviewed journal, research websites, ongoing annual conferences across multiple sites, our book series with Duke University Press, and hundreds of other peer-reviewed publications. Our team has also organized and hosted festivals, workshops, talks, residencies, and performances, launched a brand-new research and performance facility, ImprovLab (with support from a CFI grant), and developed and initiated a new graduate program in Critical Studies in Improvisation.

You’ll find a detailed list of research outcomes associated with this SSHRC grant in the attached bibliography.