Improvise Here The Improvisation Toolkit and Resources

Improvisation Games are a great way to build trust and community, develop creativity, and have a lot of fun.

The Improvisation Toolkit includes simple and direct instructions for games, activities and strategies to add improvisation to your classroom and a Toolkit Resource List of external resources relevant to the Improvisation Toolkit including sources on games, school and university classes, special needs, at-risk youth are available as a single download (click the link Improvisation Toolkit under Downloads).

To access the complete Improv Toolkit project visit

This version of the Improvisation Toolkit has been compiled for the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation for distribution on the website.

The improv games and activities included in the Improvisation Toolkit are:
1-2 Listening Exercise
3 Scenes
Alliterative Name Game
Arms Game
Balloon Music
Bippity Bippity Bop
Boom Chicka Boom
Bumpity Bump
Charlie’s Island
Clerk and Customer
Emotional Replay
Free Playing: Warm Up Exercise
Free Writing
Improvised Name Jam
Improvising Scenes Through Sounds
Krazy Choir
Leaving for a Reason
Man Overboard (variation)
Marching Carnival Line
Murder Wink
Musical Character Cards
Music/Dance Name Game
Musical Production (Adaptation of Typewriter)
My Fault, Name Tennis
Percussion Playground
Random Ensembles
Rhythm Exchange
Rhythmical Improvisation
Root for Your Fruit (a fun improv for kids)
Send and Receive
Show Me the Shape of Your World
Silent Story
Simon Says
Sound Effects
Space Jump
Sticky Tag
Ten Minute Compositions
Top 5’s
Tongue Twisters Tool
Walking Different Ways
What’s Your Name?
Yes, and…,
Yes, But…
Yes Lets – or Rather Not

Download the Improvisation Toolkit.