why i'm here title screen image Pourquoi je suis ici / Why I’m Here (trailer)

In this poetic exploration of sound, silence, movement and places, director João França provides a glimpse into a magical world where musicians of diverse ages and abilities come together in an inclusive and supportive environment to explore the possibilities of improvisational collaborations (music, dance, and visual art). Following the experiences of the participants of the second annual Musical Improvisation at Land’s End / Coin-du-Banc en folie summer camp, which seeks to connect members of various communities with profound experiences of improvised music making, this short documentary interweaves the personal experiences of the camp participants with the breathtaking landscapes of Coin-du-Banc, Quebec and the surrounding areas. Why I’m Here / Pourquoi je suis ici offers an encounter between music, community, and place, painted in the delicate colours and textures of the Gaspé Peninsula.

Director: João França
Executive Producer: Ajay Heble
Associate Producer: Justine Richardson & Kimber Sider

Pourquoi je suis ici / Why I’m Here, premiered Sunday, August 26, at Festival Les Percéides in Percé.
Dimanche 26 août 2018 | 13:15
Centre d’Art de Percé


Québec / 2018 / 23 min / Documentaire / Version originale française et anglaise sous-titrée en français.


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