“Dive” into Ecological Awareness by Improvising Under Water

Contact and Flow Festival March 3rd-17th, 2024 – Bacalar, México By: Lucas Carravetta Just four hours beneath Cancún’s wild party scene, along the calm shores of a freshwater lagoon, international…

Reflection – Freddie Stone: Musical Phenomenologist

This reflection was written by Bob Wiseman, and appeared in the April 2022 edition of the ImprovNotes newsletter. It was in Toronto in the 1980s. I was searching for meaning…

The House of Song and Sound by Genetic Choir

The multi-national vocal improvisation group Genetic Choir is proud to announce the release of a new publication: The House of Song and Sound: The Stem & Luister Method. This booklet…

Critical Studies in Improvisation: Student Work

This work has been produced by students in the Critical Studies in Improvisation MA and PhD programs at the University of Guelph. Community Building through Formal and Non-Formal Music Learning:…

Community Building through Formal and Non-Formal Music Learning: An Interview With My Father

By Brent Rowan This podcast, “Community Building through Formal and Non-Formal Music Learning: An Interview with my Father,” was completed as part of Brent Rowan’s Major Research Project for the…


Four33 is a podcast by IICSI graduate students Carey West and Stephen Donnelly, focusing on improvisation in daily life, particularly its value as a survival skill and tool for social change.

Everyday Improvisation in Public Space: A Literature Review

Everyday improvisation in public space is an extremely broad topic, and the structure of this literature review speaks to that. Rather than providing a cohesive overview, I have instead opted to focus on a few select areas and examples of how this phenomenon is discussed in social theory and social science research (particularly sociology and human geography), as well as providing some examples that may be of interest to IICSI in terms of philosophy of improvisation or applications for improvisation.

Interactive Improvisation in Times of Isolation 

Interactive Improvisation in Times of Isolation, which will showcase the realities of living in isolation. The ambient recordings signify the current reality in which nature exists — even thrives — with muted human intervention.

“Sounds that Emerge from You”

“Sounds that Emerge from You” is an interview with musician and writer David Lee, conducted by IICSI Research Paul Watkins about what led Lee to improvised music.

Improvisation and Arts Education in Uganda

A short interview with Allen Tush Naturinda about the role of improvisation in the transformative art workshops for youth in Uganda.