Black Music Research Journal: Special Issue

Image of Melba Liston.

Melba Liston

Long-overdue scholarly research on arranger, composer, jazz trombonist, and music educator Melba Doretta Liston (1926-1999) is now available in Black Music Research Journal, Special Issue on Melba Liston, 34, no. 1 (Spring 2014).The issue includes introductions and additional articles by guest editor Monica Hairston-O’Connell and founding members of the Melba Liston Research Collective (MLRC): Tammy Kernodle, Dianthe Spencer, and ICASP/IISCI researchers Lisa Barg and Sherrie Tucker. The Melba Liston Issue also features articles by Geof Bradfield, Maxine Gordon, Cheryl Keyes, and Emmett Price. The special issue grew from a longer collaborative, improvisative research method developed by the MLRC, with support from ICASP and the Center for Black Music Research.

Image of the Melba Liston Research Collective.

MLRC members (l to r): Dianthe “Dee” Spencer, Lisa Barg, Tammie Kernodle, Sherrie Tucker.

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