ImprovNotes on Capacitance in Guelph

This year’s Guelph Jazz Festival saw the debut of the Capacitance series on Sundays from 2-4pm at 42 Quebec Street, Guelph, third floor studio. Curator Lynette Segal says, “Improvisation demands a focus that propels one to stay in the moment, to listen and respond, to make choices in the present. I’m interested in engaging in the unfolding, ethereal process of real-time decision making, challenging and stretching the skills we’ve come to depend on in our various fields as artists.” Ontario Arts Council funding has made the series possible, as well as assistance from the Guelph Jazz Festival, the Guelph Fab 5, Ed Video and The Red Brick Cafe. Artists have included Jessica Runge, Germaine Liu, Matt Brubeck, Katie Ewald, Ben Grossman, Christine Duncan and Simon Portagal. November 1, Capacitance 4 presents an all-Guelph group: dancer / choreographer Janet Johnson, painter Laurie Skantzos and guitarist Michael Mucci.

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