CFP: Epistrophy, a Jazz Journal

Epistrophy, a jazz journal published by The International Association for the Study of Popular Music UK and Ireland Branch is soliciting submissions for a new issue: no 2: Playing (at) jazz. Authors are invited to reflect upon:

Jazz’s game rules: what attitude does the jazz musician adopt when faced with his/her own rules? How does he/she play with them? How does he/she navigate between both poles of game and play?

The pleasure of playing: does the musicians’ often ostentatious pleasure of playing imply that jazz is a form of entertainment detached from daily life, or does jazz ground music, via play, in seriousness, however unadmittedly? Can this publicized pleasure be analyzed as a signifying practice by jazzwomen and men?

Interplay: within an interlocutory or an agonistic space, how does jazz organize itself collectively, and following what criteria? This dimension could be analyzed from a musical, sociological or anthropological perspective: “Good jazz improvisation is sociable and interactive just like a conversation” Can we then consider the jazz band as a fully-fledged social space, a form of “living together”?

The perspectives sketched out here call for a variety of disciplinary approaches. Papers should be sent by June 1st 2016 to [email protected], with a title, a summary and a short biography. Please consult the above link for more details.

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