CFP: SEM Bibliography & Conference

The Society for Ethnomusicology is soliciting submissions for its growing bibliography of resources on improvisation. Interested contributors should register with the Zotero platform. This bibliography of resources will consist of published work that deals with extemporaneous music-making in any global musical tradition, from scholarly and pedagogical perspectives. Using Zotero, the bibliography will be made freely available to scholars and teachers of improvisation.

The Society for Ethnomusicology’s Improvisation Section brings together SEM members engaged in scholarship on extemporaneous music making, for the purpose of advancing the development of cross-cultural scholarly perspectives on improvisational phenomena, primarily through the sponsorship and promotion of discussions, events, and publications related to improvisation. This group provides a forum for scholars to consider issues arising from improvisational practices, processes, and traditions; as well as an organizational basis to plan and execute events that focus on improvisation. You can read more on the SEM Improvisation Section.

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