IICSI at the Guelph Jazz Festival

This year’s edition of the internationally celebrated Guelph Jazz Festival is fast approaching—with events taking place all around the city from September 14th-19th—and IICSI is pleased to be co-presenting two events included in the Jazz Fest’s programming!


IICSI and the Guelph Jazz Festival present SOUND MILL, a site-specific multi-channel sound (+ light) installation by Guelph-based composer and sound artist Lisa Conway. Shaped by river flow and the changing of the light, the generative ever-shifting soundscape is inspired by the repetitive rhythmic patterns involved in the milling process, as well as James Goldie’s love of botany. The sonic palette features layers of hydrophone recordings (taken below the surface of the Speed River), recordings of grain, and analog synthesisers. The Limestone Room will involve granular synthesis processing determined by the pace of the Speed River’s flow over the last decade, while the Plant Room will provide more of a sound bath experience –– as the daylight fades to night, an EQ filter linked to an arduino light sensor will slowly open to allow more frequencies to pass through. Accompanying lighting components (likely programmed LED tubes), will be in both spaces.

SOUND MILL will be presented at the Goldie Mill Ruins (outdoor site) between 5-10pm on September 14/15/16.


BASS PIANO XII will feature the work of BC composer and piano tech Andrew Wedman, whose work includes developing the Bass Piano, a piano tuned down a full octave, which  was debuted in Berlin in 2012. The Bass Piano has since been in employed in performances and recordings with, among others, Lori Freedman, Marilyn Lerner, Tania Gill, John Oswald, and Ryan Driver. Several performances for the Guelph Jazz Festival will feature the Bass Piano, including a performance on Friday, September 17th at 1pm by Casey Sokol. IICSI is proud to co-present a talk-back with both Andrew Weman and Casey Sokol after this performance at the River Run Centre.

Explore the full Guelph Jazz Festival schedule here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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