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Theory and Practice of Improvised Music

Call for Papers/ Issue 2016

Musical Improvisation and the Body

For Improfil 2016 as main subject we would like to envisage Musical Improvisation and the Body. What is an observation of improvisation that starts from the body, like? What role does the improvising body play within the art and pedagogy of improvisation? What role does an intentional body training play for improvisation? Is the improvising body not only responsible for the sensumotoric instrumental technique, but could it also be regarded as a creative power? Regarding these questions we are in search of pedagogical and artistic experiences, but research projects and trials would be of interest here as well. Beyond that philosophical aspects are relevant: a movement can result in a gesture and this in turn may stimulate a general observation of improvisation. Every performance presents bodies on stage or in space: thus is the observable acting body for the instrumentalist – in the same way as an instrumental theatre or similar concepts – a subject as well? Are there any performances or projects that explicitly deal with these questions?

We would like to invite authors, musicians, artists and scientists to contribute to this subject with their texts. Original contributions as well as previously published texts are both welcome.

Improfil is a German journal concerning the theory and practice of musical improvisation and functions as a platform for professional exchange among artists, teachers and therapists, for whom the subject of improvisation is a main topic in their work. It is possible to publish your own texts and artistic views and thereby to communicate with others who work in a similar way. The authors will be attended to by a publishing crew that make a good team and presents their texts in an attractive way. Improfil is published once a year in April in an edition of 1000 issues. It is being sold at cost price by internet and on improvisational seminars and conferences. The members of the society “Ring für Gruppenimprovisation e.V.” receive the journal for free. On top of that not only interested experts and music lovers, but a great number of university and conservatory libraries have subscribed the Improfil.

Closing date for entries of texts, pictures, descriptions of projects, concepts, rules of the game will be the 31.12.2015. Contributions to the subject of the issue should not exceed 20.000 signs (four pages in the journal), reports about events and reviews should not exceed 5.000 signs. We would ask you to send your material by electronic means to rg@exploratorium-­‐

The publishing crew

Iris Broderius, Corinna Eikmeier, Reinhard Gagel, Matthias Schwabe

For questions please call:

Reinhard Gagel, Tel. 030-­‐53 05 06 46, rg@exploratorium-­‐ Matthias Schwabe, Tel. 030-­‐84 72 10 50, [email protected]

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