improv-and-social-aesthetics book cover Improvisation and Social Aesthetics

IICSI is proud to announce Improvisation and Social Aesthetics, a new volume in the Duke UP series, “Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice.”

Edited by Georgina Born, Eric Lewis, and Will Straw, this new volume addresses a wide range of improvised art and music forms in order to locate improvisation as a key site of mediation between the social and the aesthetic. It sets out a new conceptualization of the aesthetic as immanently social and political, proposing a new paradigm of improvisation studies that will have reverberations throughout the humanities.

Contributors: Lisa Barg, Georgina Born, David Brackett, Nicholas Cook, Marion Froger, Susan Kozel, Eric Lewis, George E. Lewis, Ingrid Monson, Tracey Nicholls, Winfried Siemerling, Will Straw, Zoë Svendsen, and Darren Wershler.

Read the introduction  “What is Social Aesthetics?” online!

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