Improvising Spaces in St. John’s

Image of IICSI researcher Beverley Diamond.

Beverley Diamond

The monthly Improvising Spaces workshop and speaker series, curated by IICSI postdoctoral fellow Chris Tonelli, continues in St. John’s, Newfoundland with Session V: Conflict, Communication, & Improvisation at 6 pm on Monday, February 23 at the Rocket Room, 272 Water Street. This session features an interdisciplinary dialogue between Dr. Beverley Diamond, Research Chair in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University, political anthropologist Dr. Robin Whitaker, and the improvising duo Spanner (Paul Bendzsa & Rob Power). The session will address the question of how the improvisatory arts might contribute to understanding how to successfully facilitate conflict resolution and intercultural dialogue.

These sessions continue through the spring. There is more information on the Facebook page for the series, and on the MUN School of Music webpage.

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