International Symposium of Electronic Arts Residency

IICSI wishes to extend a warm congratulations to Rebecca Caines (site coordinator, Regina Improvisation Studies Centre) and John Campbell who have just been awarded the KAF x FUSE artist residency for the International Symposium of Electronic Arts in 2016 in China. Rebecca and John are working on a project on improvisation that builds from their work in Guelph, and in Newfoundland for the IICSI Summer Institute. Rebecca and John will spend 8 weeks in Wuhan, China from March to May 2016, with an exhibition opening in a gallery in Hong Kong on May 20th. Their work will be featured in the 2016 International Symposium of Electronic Arts.

Rebecca and John’s project is called “Improvised Remembering: Noise into Signal” and will involve community engagement, sound, video, image, performance and installation. It includes a version of the Virtual Memory Box project, and the development of the Visual Improscaper tool first trialled at the 2014 Sound Symposium in St. John’s.

Congratulations, Rebecca and John!

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