Kickstarter: Pauline Oliveros Reverberations Box Set Re-press (by Important Records)

Pauline Oliveros’ groundbreaking “Reverberations: Tape + Electronic Music 1961-1980” box set is in need of a re-press.

Pauline Oliveros’ Reverberations: Tape + Electronic Music 1961-1970 12CD box set has been out of print for almost two years and is in need of a re-press. For less than the price of a used copy on Discogs or Ebay you can get a signed box set delivered to your door. (Currently you can get a sealed box on Discogs for $410.00). As soon as the goal is met we’ll order the re-press which will, hopefully, be in-hand for the Deep Listening Conference at EMPAC July 10-13.

View the Kickstarter campaign, here.

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