KISMIF in Portugal

Keep It Simple, Make It Fast! (KISMIF), Crossing Borders of Underground Music Scenes” took place in Porto, Portugal, July 15-17, welcoming academic researchers working in all areas of sociology, anthropology, history, cultural economics, geography, urban planning, media and cultural studies, and cognate disciplines, including design, illustration, musicology, popular music and visual and performing arts. Keynote speakers included Andy Bennett (Griffith University, Queensland), English writer and broadcaster Dave Laing, Dick Hebdige (Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, Birmingham), Mary Fogarty (York University, Toronto), and Matthew Worley (University of Reading).

Keep It Simple, Make It Fast! (KISMIF) is a scientific research project coming from Sociology and having as its goal the analysis of the punk manifestations in Portugal from their origins until today (1977-2012).

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