Regina Improv Symposium was an Enormous Success

Author Anne McDonald explains how she uses improv as part of her writing process at the Improv Symposium held Thursday at the University of Regina. Natascia Lypny/Leader-Post.

The Improv Symposium, “Saying Yes,” recently took place at the Regina Improvisation Studies Centre. The Regina Improvisation Studies Centre, directed by Dr. Rebecca Caines, is part of the new SSHRC funded partnership with The International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI). The symposium looked at improvisation as a means for social change. The symposium focused on various lines of inquiry in regards to improvisations studies, such as, How can we shift public understanding of improvisation as a means to “maximize the moment;” to realize its potential to create innovative art and address social challenges?

See the full media coverage of the event in Regina’s Leader-Post, here.

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