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Improvisation and Social Aesthetics

improv-and-social-aesthetics book coverEdited by Georgina Born, Eric Lewis, and Will Straw, Improvisation and Social Aesthetics is the fourth volume in the Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice series with Duke University Press. This new volume addresses a wide range of improvised art and music forms in order to locate improvisation as a key site of mediation between the social and the aesthetic.

There is also a link to the introduction of the book that you can read online!




Improviser-in-Residence 2015-16 Douglas R. Ewart, Feedback and Reflections

The Improviser-in-Residence 2015-16 Douglas R. Ewart, Feedback and Reflections report is an amalgamation of the feedback gleaned from the Crepuscule participant surveys and the post-event, Crepuscule team focus-group evaluation.





Deep Listening at the End of the World

MILE CampDeep listening is a musical practice developed by musician and composer Pauline Oliveros for generating increased attention to sound.

Jeannette Hicks, PhD candidate and Research Assistant for the IICSI reflects on the experience of improvising and deep listening, which reveals the potential for bridging cultural and perceived difference at IICIS’s Musical Improvisation at Land’s End camp.




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