ken aldcroft

Emergents III: The Music of Ken Aldcroft + Fundraising Afterparty

On April 6 we celebrate and interact with community once again – this concert is dedicated to the celebration of the late Ken Aldcroft’s music. This show will also have a fundraising after-party – during and after the show we’ll be holding a silent auction featuring donations from Soundstreams, Red Eye Espresso and many more!

Teaching Creative Jazz and Improvising Guitar Symposium: Presentations

A four day Teaching Creative Jazz and Improvising Guitar Symposium at the University of Guelph featuring: Ken Aldcroft, Sam Shalabi, Janet Feder, Ava Mendoza & Jared Burrows.

Teaching Creative Jazz and Improvised Guitar Symposium: Concert Series

A four day symposium of presentations & four nights of concerts Featuring Guitarists Ken Aldcroft, Jared Burrows, Janet Feder, Ava Mendoza and Sam Shalabi at Silence, 46 Essex St. Guelph , ON.