Beatriz Miranda Galarza

17, Institute of Critical Studies

Dr. Beatriz Miranda-Galarza has been trained as a sociologist and anthropologist. Her main field of study and research has been development and disability including leprosy. She has been involved in social research and cooperation projects in the USA, Central and South America, Belgium, England, India, China and Indonesia looking at social issues linked to AIDS, disability, gender, religion, street children, post-coloniality, race and ethnicity. She teaches Disability research, Sociological approaches to stigma and Sociology of the body at the Athena Institute, VU University of Amsterdam. She also
teaches Medical Anthropology at the Amsterdam University College AUC. She is also the coordinator of the Disability Studies on –line Programme at the 17, Institute for Critical Studies
in Mexico. In October 2013, Dr. Miranda Galarza was appointed UN Special Rapporteur on the elimination of discrimination against persons affected by leprosy (Hansen’s disease) and their family members.