Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes

17, Institute of Critical Studies

Dr. Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Mexico’s National Autonomous University; has completed MA studies in Psychoanalytic Theory at the Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Psicoanalíticos, has a Diploma from Cornell University’s School of Criticism and Theory, an MA in English and Critical Theory from the University of Sussex as well as a BA in European History and Latin from the same institution. He has worked as a private-practice psychoanalyst in Mexico City since 1999. Mayer is additionally the Founding Director of 17, Instituto de Estudios Críticos where he devised, inaugurated and oversees the master’s, doctorate and post-doctorate programs in Critical Theory. He is founding Co-Director (alongside Alberto Moreiras and Davide Tarizzo) of Política Común, a journal edited on line from the University of Michigan. Mayer has worked as a professor at UAM-Azcapotzalco University’s master’s program in Mexican Historiography and was founding director of Universidad Anáhuac’s Master’s in Semiotics program (1995-2001), a researcher with Mexico’s Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (1996-2005), Director of the Semiotics specialty program at Universidad Anáhuac (1993-1995) and was Director of the UNIVERSUM el Museo de las Ciencias de la UNAM Foundation’s video chronicles program (1991-1993). He served on the SITAC board (2012-2015); has been a member of the Festival de Artes Electrónicas Transitio board since 2012; and he has also be on the Fundación Pedro Meyer board since 2010.