David Gerhard David Gerhard

University of Regina

David Gerhard is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and an associate member in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Regina. He is founder and director of the Rough Music and Audio Digital Interaction Lab (aRMADILo). Gerhard’s research focuses on computational interaction with information-rich human data such as music, speech, and movement, from analytical, synthesis, and Human Interaction perspectives. This research combines signal processing, pattern classification, information retrieval and sensor-based physical computing techniques with multimedia, speech recognition, computer music and human-computer interaction. Recently he has collaborated on artistic works and developed analysis modes fora diverse set of hardware including the Microsoft Kinect, the Nintendo Wii Remote, and the Leap Motion, as well as the many interaction modes  of the Arduino. His work is often interdisciplinary, incorporating aspects of both technology and artistic expression, with a special focus on how artists and musicians learn new technologies to augment their practice, especially DIY electronics and programming.