Deep Listening Institute Deep Listening Institute

Deep Listening Institute (DLI) promotes the music and Deep Listening practice of pioneer composer Pauline Oliveros, providing a unique approach to music, literature, art, meditation, technology and healing.  It fosters creative innovation across boundaries and across abilities, among artists and audience, musicians and non-musicians, healers and the physically or cognitively challenged, and children of all ages.

DLI supports and is supported by a worldwide network of musicians, artists, scientists and certified Deep Listening practitioners, an ever-growing community of Deep Listeners who strive for a heightened consciousness of the world of sound and the sound of the world.  It provides a platform for composers, sound artists and improvisers of experimental new music and media, including recording, publication, distribution and booking services, the Deep Listening catalog, artist in residency programs, and the development of new sound technologies.  Through Deep Listening workshops, retreats, intensives, online webinars, and certificate programs, DLI expands the Deep Listening practice and community.

The Institute has always recognized the importance of emerging technologies in building the creative community, particularly telematics technologies like SKYPE, streaming and other internet applications including social media.  The Telematic Circle on the DLI website allows musicians from distant venues to perform with each other in real time.  DLI’s provides advice and technical support for telematics activities.  Online “Dream Residencies,” in conjunction with an Annual Dream Festival feature Deep Listening Certificate holders  and others participating in  music, sound art, dream telling, live performance and children’s dream art. All are available in real time as well as in archives on the DLI website.

Finally, the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI), free software developed by Oliveros and her students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with continuing research and development by the DLI AUMI team, is enabling children with extreme physical and cognitive disabilities to play music and improvise with each other, often for the first time.

The Deep Listening Institute is committed to making the practice of Deep Listening accessible to all people of all abilities, helping them enjoy a richer and more creative life and building a community more attuned to the harmonies of the world.

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