Emmalia Bortolon-Vettor, playing an electric guitar on stage with another person behind them. Emmalia Bortolon-Vettor

Music and Technical Production Coordinator

Emmalia Bortolon-Vettor is a guitarist and multidisciplinary researcher whose work involves live sound technology and improvisation. They have garnered varied arts experiences including live sound and theatre production, project coordination and management, curriculum design, developing and executing events, curating shows, along with marketing and communications management. Emmalia recently earned their MA in the IMPR program, involving the creation of a free recording and producing curriculum for Girls Rock Camp Guelph. Their current musical project is Bonnie Trash, whose debut album Malocchio was released in October of 2022 on Hand Drawn Dracula. If you don’t see them on stage, you can catch them in Guelph coordinating the Girls Rock Camp Guelph chapter, curating live music and theatre, or behind the board at a DIY show.