Illa Carrillo Rodríguez Illa Carrillo Rodríguez

McGill University

Illa Carrillo Rodríguez is an ICASP/IICSI Postdoctoral Fellow based at McGill University. She received her PhD from the Doctoral School of Plastic Arts, Aesthetics and Art Sciences of the Université Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne (France). Her dissertation examined the cultural and political history of Argentine folk and rock music in the second half of the twentieth century, with an emphasis on the performance practices through which artists such as Mercedes Sosa and León Gieco grappled with conflicting paradigms of national culture and identity. Illa’s current research looks at improvisatory, embodied forms of cultural and political activism in late 20th-century and early 21st-century Argentina and Québec. Her work has appeared in the book The Militant Song Movement in Latin America(Lexington, 2014), the French journal Eidôlon (Presses universitaires de Bordeaux, 2011), and in edited volumes on rock music (Rock del país, Universidad Nacional de Jujuy, 2010) and twentieth-century cultural history (Ese Ardiente Jardín de la República, Alción, 2010) published in Argentina. Her research interests include the cultural politics of human rights advocacy groups in Argentina and Canada; mass media representations of human rights violations and human rights activism; the articulation of the notions of “human rights” and “communication rights” in recent Latin American media legislation; and the intersections between neoliberal tropes of history and scholarly discourses on memorializing cultural practices in the aftermath of mass violence.